PintCloner back in stores !

We are delighted to announce that after some production issues, we are shipping loads of PintCloners to your favorite stores again. They should be available pretty soon, so keep an eye out !


PintCloner at Toronto’s beer festival !

We are glad to announce that we will be present on the Toronto (ON) beer festival next July ! We will be holding conferences about our new revolutionary product and demoing a lot. Start booking for this awesome festival : finding out about PintCloner is only part of the fun, as the festival itself is a huge event !

See you there !

PintCloner will be at the Toronto beer festival

PintCloner will be at the Toronto beer festival

PintCloner @ Oktoberfest 2012 !

PintCloner Oktoberfest beer

PintCloner at Oktoberfest 2012 ?

Imagine what it would be like having a PintCloner at the Oktoberfest ! Just like beer wasn’t already flowing at will over there ! Well I guess we’ll find out next September, I can’t imagine them not buying a few of our PintCloners to ease up their jobs !

In any case, you’ll be sure to find us there, we never miss a chance to enjoy the greatest beer festival of all !

PintCloner’s blog is live !

At last, our revolutionary product’s blog is live. Here you’ll find plenty of news about this brand new awesome beer cloning thingy that’s gonna change your life. Subscribe to our RSS feed, join us on Facebook, Twitter, or simply come visit us whenever you want. Stay tuned to find out about all the great features of PintCloner and future events.